100 Exits Walkthrough | Exit 40 Walkthrough | 100 Exits Cheats Level 40

1. Enter Passcode: 45064509
2. Tap 100 Exits Icon On iPad

100 Exits Walkthrough
Exit 40 Walkthrough
Level 40

100 Exits Cheats

100 Exits Walkthrough – Level 41
100 Exits Walkthrough – Level 39

Jul 2012
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6 Responses to : 100 Exits Walkthrough | Exit 40 Walkthrough | 100 Exits Cheats Level 40

  1. Jack says:

    Why do you type that pass code? What does it mean?

    • admin says:

      If you look closely at the iPad before you swipe is says: bosh gosh
      If you turn bosh gosh upside down and reverse it, it looks like: 4506 4509
      bosh gosh
      9054 6054

      Thanks for checking out our site!

      100E Admin

  2. Annie says:

    All I can say is thank god for these cheats. The previous one with the magic pictures- I would never have survived. I remember when those were all the rage and I was the stubborn fool making my eyes dry trying soo hard to see. But I can’t no matter how cross eyed I go. And now this one! My husband couldn’t see the words bosh gosh. I don’t know why, he said the screen was too dark. I could see them. But I ask him if he translated the clue differently than I did and he insisted there was no clue, he didn’t see what I did. Either way, I don’t see where the upside down and backwards thing came from. This is using a phones keypad so it should be like texting before the keyboard. Where 2 stands for a b and c. That is where the clues led me. And it takes a very long stretch of the imagination to make the typeset of that keypad look like those letters. Just saying…

  3. Lee says:

    There is no ‘slide to unlock’ on my screen. Help! O_o

  4. Becca says:

    Same here. I’m baffled.

  5. Uffe says:

    @Annie: You must go further back in history! Back in the 1970’s when the electronic calculators came, there were a lot of games like “Which oil-company is the worst?” And some story giving figures to add or multiply giving the answer 71077345. Looking at the number upside down on an old calculator will show “ShELLOIL” in the same way as bosh gosh is supposed to be read.

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