100 Exits Walkthrough | Exit 30 Walkthrough | 100 Exits Cheats Level 30

1. Tap letters I, O, O, E, X, I, T, S

2. Wait for door to appear

3. Tap letters: O, P, E, N, D, O, O, R

100 Exits Walkthrough
Exit 30 Walkthrough
Level 30

100 Exits Cheats

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Jun 2012
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8 Responses to : 100 Exits Walkthrough | Exit 30 Walkthrough | 100 Exits Cheats Level 30

  1. Cheyenne says:

    How does the door open after you type those ones it won’t open?

  2. Ufjrjdjdyfhf says:

    U press them in diagonal order from top right to bottom left

  3. Gxsgbvug says:

    So can you go on after this level or do we have to wait cause some of my friends are past level 30

  4. Autumn says:

    Okay I’m still stuck on level 30 I read the comments makes no since so can u actually do exit 30 so I can pass it….. I got the door open now icant get through

    • admin says:

      Exit 30 is currently the last level available. When you solve the level, the door slides open and the message says that more levels are coming soon. You can’t actually get through the door, because there are no more levels.

  5. Autumn says:

    Where’s the extra 70?

  6. Amanda Hussey says:

    We got a free app for 100 exits. We got to level 45 and got the more levels coming note in the door. We then purchased 100 exits from the app store. We then had to go through all 45 levels again, and were happy despite this because we then had access to level 46 etc. Only to find when we got to level 50 that we had the same problem. We now don’t know what to do. What do we do? I don’t particularly want to pay again, go through 50 levels, 45 of them for the third time. How do we get our 50 other levels? Please help, we enjoy this game but are totally over your game. Please tell us how to get the full version of this game. Thank you.

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